Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Temple Mount

Do you know what Temple Mount is? I shall briefly explain. In the Old Testament, King David wanted to build a temple. He didn't, but he started building a platform over Mount Moriah (where Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac - or Ishmael if you're Muslim) upon which to build a temple. His son, Solomon, then made a temple on this platform (TEMPLE mount). It was destroyed, then rebuilt and then destroyed again. Then in 638 AD the Dome of the Rock was built thereon. This is a Muslim mosque, and it's beautiful, and it's built over the rock where Abraham was to have sacrificed his son.

The Temple Mount is only open to non-Muslims at very specific hours and has a pretty strict dress code. But I passed! They let me on the other day, and I touched the Dome of the Rock. It's beautiful - blue mosaic tiles on the outside and a huge golden dome. I also saw Al-Aqsa mosque (another mosque with a silvery/gray dome also on Temple Mount). It was way cool!

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